Industrial Voice Evacuation Solutions

Welcome to the site of NXD-Audio

We develop and manufacture professional audio systems for industrial voice evacuation applications.

Although NXD-Audio is a fairly new company (founded in 2019), its founders are no rookies. Our team has developed many globally renowned pro-audio products for the transportation and fixed installation vertical markets.

Just to name a few examples:

Patented boundary flare loudspeaker, currently applied in many transportation tunnels all over the world.

World's first commercially available active loudspeaker line array with integrated Digital Signal Processing.

Networked multi-channel amps / processors with fully integrated monitoring for life-safety applications.

Many of the products that we have developed over the years are currently being marketed under world famous brand names.

Stay tuned for our product portfolio

Core competencies

Our team is well experienced in the following fields:


Amplifiers, Power Supply Units, Digital Signal Processors, Analogue Electronics and Mechanical Engineering.


Our skills range from large user applications to small embedded, including DSP algorithm development and implementation. We developed safety-critical applications that are being used 24/7 by thousands of people.


Transducer optimization, BEM and LEM modeling, waveguide optimization and Rapid Prototyping.

Control protocols

Experienced in IEC 62541 and AES70 just to name a few.

Digital audio networking

Profound knowledge of real-time audio networking protocols such as Dante, AES67 (and yes CobraNet as well...).

Certification & Quality

In our previous lives we developed EN 54-24 certified products, acquired product Safety Approvals such as UL/CSA (US), CCC (China), KE (Korea) and manufactured under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.


Our in-house manufacturing makes use of an advanced electronics SMT production line. We are housed in modern premises with a low carbon footprint.

Development for the Future

NXD-Audio is a developer and manufacturer of professional audio products for industrial applications.