About us

NXD-Audio is founded by a selection of members of the former Duran Audio R&D team. With so many unrealized ideas, not only concerning new products and technologies but also about a new company philosophy, we could not resist the opportunity to pursue these by starting a new company.

Besides that, we did not want to waste the creative energy field between us that remained after more than 25 years of close cooperation based on common vision, complementary competences and mutual trust. A creative energy field that helped us to develop the very first high power active PA systems, the very first software controlled line arrays and unique innovative VA solutions. Starting NXD-Audio enables us to leverage our rich mental inheritance from the past into new technologies for the future.

We want to excel in what we undertake, not only personally, it is also the foundation of existence of NXD-Audio. For this reason we decided to abandon the wide portfolio of products that we developed for conference, theatre and touring in the past and concentrate on innovative industrial voice evacuation technology. We have set some remarkable benchmarks in the past and our aim is to continue this in the near future. In order to accomplish this, we have to focus on a smaller scope.

The NXD-Audio team covers a wide range of competences in the field of software engineering, electronic engineering, mechanical engineering and the process of commissioning and certification. In addition, communication lines within our organization are short so we are able to move fast in this rapidly evolving world of technology. We believe in the power of distributed and networked solutions and open control standards and see many new chances for innovative technologies and cooperation that will lead to a better and safer world.

We are ready for the future, are you?

Development for the Future